Match Capital Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy is a complementary document to Match Capital’s Privacy Policy. In this document you will find objective and clear information about what cookies are, which cookies Match Capital uses in its applications, what role they play and how to configure them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files or pieces of information that are stored on your computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) when you visit Match Capital’s applications. They serve to store or collect information in the browser and are mainly used to make the website work faster, more efficiently and more personalized.

A cookie usually contains the name of the originating website, its lifetime (how long this cookie will remain on your device) and a value, which is usually a unique randomly generated number.

Cookies are used to map user and device preferences as well as verify information, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same data. Respecting the privacy rights of customers and visitors to Match Capital’s applications, this policy describes key information about cookies used to provide a better performance and experience for all users of Match Capital’s services.

What types of Cookies are used?

As for your property:

  • Owner cookies: are cookies set by us or by third parties on our behalf.
  • Third party cookies:Match Capital sometimes turns to other providers, who are also permitted to install cookies on users’ devices on their behalf when they visit its website and applications.

As for your lifetime:

  • Session or temporary cookies: remain on the user’s device only while browsing the website and platform. They are used to analyze traffic patterns on the website and to provide users with a better experience and contextualized content.
  • Persistent Cookies: these cookies remain on the device longer and can be manually deleted by the user. This cookie period depends on the type of cookie used. They can be used to remember users’ login and password information, for example, or to ensure a better experience between different sessions.

As for its purpose:

  • Strictly Required Cookies: these cookies are the minimum necessary for the website to function as expected and cannot be disconnected from the website and applications. Typically, they are only set up in response to a user request for service, such as setting privacy preferences, logging in, or filling out forms. The user can configure their browser to block or alert them to these cookies, but if blocked, some parts of the website will not work correctly. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.
  • Functionality Cookies: these cookies allow the website to provide personalization and enhanced functionality. If the user does not allow the use of these cookies, some of these features, or even all of them, may not work correctly.
  • Performance or Analytics Cookies:these cookies allow the counting of visits and traffic sources so that Match Capital can measure and improve the performance of its applications. They map the most and least popular pages and monitor the movement of users around the website. If the user does not allow these cookies, it is not possible to know when visits to the website took place.
  • Advertising Cookies: these cookies are set for a number of social media services that Match Capital may add to the website, such as sharing content on visitors’ social media. They are able to track users’ browsing and create a profile about their interests. This can affect the content and messages that appear on the websites the user visits.
  • Cookie Management:

    The installation of cookies is subject to the user’s consent, their permissions can be revised at any time, being able to block them, accept them or activate notifications for when some cookies are sent to the device.

    On the first access to Match Capital’s applications, the user’s agreement will be required for the installation of cookies. For this management, Match Capital uses a mechanism that alerts and requests consent on the homepage.

    As mentioned, the user can at any time and at no cost change permissions, block or refuse cookies, and can configure them according to their preferences. Reinforcing, revoking the consent of certain cookies may make it impossible for some platform features to function correctly.

    To manage cookies, the user can also do it directly in the browser settings, in the “Cookie Management” area.

    You can access the tutorials on the topic directly on the links below:

    If you use Internet Explorer.

    If you use Firefox.

    If you use the Safari.

    If you use Google Chrome.

    If you use Microsoft Edge.

    If you use Opera.

    Final dispositions:

    Match Capital considers privacy and trust fundamental and seeks to constantly update itself to maintain the highest standards of security, and may change this Cookie Policy at any time. Such changes will take effect upon posting and all users will be notified. Match Capital recommends that its users always check the Cookie Policy as well as the Privacy Policy.

    In case of doubts about this Cookie Policy, the user can contact us through the following means:

    [email protected]
    This Cookie Policy was updated on 02/09/2021.